Cloud and The LoveeEdit

Author: Wildwindstar

Status: Unfinished

Series: Cloud, Dawn and Bird sires


Preceding: None

Succeeding: Lost of My Love

Spellcheckers: None

Breezekit of DawnClan falls in love with a loner's kit name Morning. He meets four other cats who what's the war to end between the clans.


Cloudstar mewed, "How dare you blame me for the death of Leopardstar of RiverClan."

Dawnstar mewed, "And the death of Firestar to me Birdstar."

Birdstar was confuse at her now new rivals.. "What do you mean guys."

Cloudstar mewed, "This means war no one must be trusted."

All three of them went back to their camps.

In StarClan

Leopardstar mewed, "Why are the Fighting this time Firestar or Bluestar."

Bluestar snarl, "Who kill you and Firestar . But everyone nows Tigerstar kill Forestar and u."

Firestar mewed, "I think we should choose four cats. I choose Breezekit from DawnClan and Morning from Sun Pack Rouges."

Bluestar mewed, "I choose Dovekit of BirdClan."

Leopardstar yawned, "I choose Gingerkit og CloudClan. They are the one's should stop this war agree."

They nodded.

Chapter 1: Breezekit POV: The First BattleEdit

"Got you Nightkit. Now lets find Breezekit."

I was hding in the sky, They will never find me here again.